Banners are created and used for the purpose of an occasion or event, be it casual or sport-related. They may be simple, most especially if it is just to display a slogan or team. Production of banners needs skilled work, with valuable materials like silk and vinyl and is designed in such a way that they can be carried by various people. This is also applicable to custom football banners.

Football banners exhibit artistry in both visual and textual contexts. Usually, they are carried, held, and waved by fans and spectators. Football or soccer banners are one that has gained popularity as it is used to promote the game of football.

The game of football is one that is widely watched by all and sundry; like a culture with practices, representations, images, ideas and languages associated with the activity. It gives people a form of expression, giving them an identity, belonging and means of connection.

Overview of Soccer and the use of banners

Football provides a rich source of representation and social/cultural identities. Being a fan of a football team goes beyond interest and love for sports. It is often about celebration and enjoyment, giving fans the opportunity to play with language, either in a conversation, a song, chant or even a banner. The game of football creates and promotes bonds and relationships between people and communities.

The words written in banners, as well as imagery often rely on the knowledge of the audience. When next you see a soccer banner, give thought to the various things used to make these banners; from the materials, images, colors, words, and even the hopes, beliefs and dreams of the fans. It goes beyond team colors embedded on a mast.

Football banners are great for sports teams and can be used in soccer fields. To make these banners more exciting, you can put the players on the soccer team with the schedule of the season, or create individual soccer banners using the images of the players and statistics. These colorful banners can be used to advertise sponsors and businesses, as everyone present at the game will see the banners. Soccer banners can also be used to promote soccer tournaments, concession events amongst other programs. These banners can also be used in the announcement of try-outs, training, hang up activities, promoting player’s accomplishments, boosting energy and enthusiasm among the fans, celebrating love and passion for the game, as well as displaying the team’s championship.

DIY ways to make a soccer banner

Homemade banners are a great way to express team spirit and live for your favorite team. You can create a soccer banner from the comfort of your home, rather than spend money getting a generic one. The process of creating the banner fosters closeness among teammates, fostering the team spirit. Homemade banners are unique and different from regular soccer banners, and it is also cheaper.

Materials needed:

  • Tarp/ paper
  • Glue
  • Colors or paint
  • Needle and thread
  • Poles: PVC pipes, wood, cardboard tubes

Processes Involved

Step 1: The first step to making a homemade banner is to decide on the size of the banner and get the materials. Consider the graphics, wordings, and logos to be used. Ensure you use adequate width so as to give room for various players to pass at once.

Step 2: Choose paper that allows the use of markers and paints, and can take in the stress of stretching, as well as enable players to pass through.

Step 3: Next, buy a 5 by an 8-foot tarp to be used as the base of the banner. The tarp is preferable to paper or most fabrics because it is cheaper, lightweight and is waterproof. This can be gotten in various retail stores.

Step 4: Draw the logo of the team on a cloth, cut and sew or glue it to the center of the banner. The waterproof tarp coating often makes painting difficult, therefore you need to include your own designs in beautiful colors of felt.

Step 5: Get the autograph of all the players and place them around the banner borders. To ensure the banner is waterproof, permanent markers should be used for the autographs. Ensure to leave three inches along the banner tops without decorations.

Step 6: Decorate the banner with stick-on letters with the team’s name, logos, and words of support to the team. Use the team’s color, with approval from the coach. Remember the banner is for the audience, thus it should be readable.

Step 7: If the team is sponsored by a sponsor, ensure to include the logo of the company, as well as their contact information on the bottom of the banner.

Step 8: Hem a fold to the top and secure the tarp with glue or needle and thread. Attach a wooden stick or cardboard tubes as support poles. Stretch the banner so as to the team can pass through. The banner should be held on both sides firmly so as to prevent pulling when the paper tears.


In your choice of paper to be used, it is important to test run it to ascertain the paper will tear easily. If it doesn’t tear or the poles fall into a player’s path while running,  it may cause an injury.