I am a wife and a mommy.
I love my family and our home is filled with laughter and a lot of snuggling.
Our two year old son is our joy.
I love to travel and will go anywhere to photograph a couple in love.
I am a believer that people should do what they love and what makes them come alive…
…wedding photography is mine. It makes me come alive.
I love Taylor Swift, her music, and … just her.
I cannot imagine a life without chocolate, I must eat it at least once a day…
…this is a trait my son has inherited from me as well! Our home is stocked with Raisinets.

My photography can be described as natural, timeless, romantic and light-filled.
I am inspired by all things beautiful and romantic, and I love being outdoors.
I feel so blessed for each breathe I get to breathe on this earth.
I know the only reason I am here is because my Creator and Savior sets my heart to beat each day.
Anything that is seen as good in me is because of Him.